The Power of Programmable Money

While stablecoins in and of themselves are incredibly cool and powerful, it’s their synthesis with other smart contracts on blockchains that really unleash the potential. These ‘lego bricks’ of the new economic system are being built by incredible creators and entrepreneurs all around the world.

Later this week we’ll be joined by the founders of three projects innovating with smart contract protocols and programmable money. Compound Finance founder Robert Leshner will join to talk about using stablecoins within decentralized credit markets, giving people and business access to credit on the open internet; Sablier founder Paul Razvan Berg will join to talk about their open protocol for streaming payments using stablecoins, unleashing powerful new models of how people and business can get paid, and finally, Kleros founder Federico Ast will join to talk about their smart contract based escrow system and decentralized arbitration model, enabling deeper forms of trusted and safe global payments built on the internet.

Federico Ast
CEO, Kleros
Paul Razvan Berg
Founder & CEO, Sablier
Robert Leshner
Founder & CEO, Compound Finance