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DeFi. Bringing it to businesses the right way.

The easiest way for businesses to access the benefits of DeFi lending and earn more yield. Circle is building technology that bridges the gap between your business and Decentralized Finance, or “DeFi”, while ensuring an easy to use experience and better access every step of the way.

USDC powers DeFi. We empower your business.

A thriving new global financial infrastructure is growing on public blockchains and stablecoins. Tap into these new standards for money on the internet with the ease of USDC, Circle Account and Circle APIs for DeFi.
One account, trusted APIs

One account, trusted APIs

Use Circle APIs to quickly convert fiat into USDC, handle on-chain transfers and then move USDC into DeFi protocols, starting with Compound on the Ethereum blockchain. Keep things easy, efficient and under your control.
Automate your DeFi experience

Automate your DeFi experience

Integrate DeFi into your business and product strategy to earn interest. Quickly configure your product’s user experience using our DeFi API and automate as much as you need.

DeFi money legos for your business

Build upon Circle’s APIs and gain easier access to the benefits of DeFi. Add DeFi to your company’s treasury strategy or customer platform by partnering with the most trusted name in crypto, Circle.


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